Commercial Mortgage Process

Our Commercial Mortgage Process

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  1. This is the initial consultation. 
  2. For the discovery call to take place, you will be asked to schedule a call with one of our Branch Managers to discuss your financing needs. 
  3. Based on the information you provide, the Branch Manager will curate a custom solution in order to fit your needs and circumstances. 
  4. Once you have received all the information needed and you feel comfortable moving forward, the Branch Manager will send you an email invitation to our loan portal.
  5. Once you receive the invitation you will be asked to create your secure login.
  6. Upon logging in, you will see a list of tasks that are pending. As you begin completing the tasks, the system will take you to the next stage of the process.
  1. Sign our consulting agreement
  2. Complete and sign the Credit Report Authorization 
  3. Complete and sign the Credit Card Authorization
  4. Make the payment (Credit Pull Fee of $150.00) 
  5. Once you have completed these tasks, the Branch Manager will begin completing your loan application.
  1. While the Branch Manager is completing your application, within the portal, you will be directed to complete Step 2 of the process. 
  2. Here you will find a list of mandatory documents needed in order for us to submit your application to our lenders
  • At this stage, the following have been completed:
    • Initial Documents have been uploaded and approved by the Branch Manager
    • Application has been reviewed with you and signed 
    • Your application package has been completed and best lender matches have been selected by our Operations team
  1. Once the Operations Manager has submitted your application package to selected Lenders, we then wait to receive offers from said lenders
  2. As offers begin to come in, they will be uploaded for you in your loan portal and you will receive a call from your Branch Manager to discuss each offer in detail
  3. After all offers have been received and discussed, you will have the ability to select which offer you would like to go with.
  1. Once you have selected your offer, you will need to sign the Letter of Intent (offer) and proceed to the next step in the process. 
  2. The Letter of Intent will have a set of additional conditions or documents that it will require
  3. You will find that list in your loan portal
  4. Just like in the previous step, you will simply need to upload the additional requirements

Once all additional docs/conditions are in, the Operations Manager will submit your file to the selected Lender for Initial Underwriting

At this point the Lender has reviewed all of the initial documentation that has been submitted. Upon review, the Lender might find that additional documents are required from you in order to move forward.  Your Branch Manger will contact you to discuss the additional requirements. 

Once you have uploaded the additional conditions in the borrower portal, the Operations Manager will review and resubmit them to the Lender for Final Approval.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your loan as been approved and it is time to schedule your closing. Your Branch Manager will contact you to discuss final closing details and establish a closing date. 

CONGRATULATIONS, your loan has been funded successfully! 

The Next Step

Ijara Process

Now that you have completed the mortgage process, now it’s time to convert your mortgage loan to Islamic Financing. At PPG Islamic Financing we follow the Ijara Process where the Trust purchases the property and the client rents the property from the Trust. Each month the client is required to make set monthly rent payments. With each payment made, the client’s equity in the property increases.


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